About The Bowdoin Reads | Watches | Listens Project

Begun in August, 2008, as Bowdoin Reads, the project celebrates readers and reading on campus, showcasing a new reader every month with his/her/their favorite or recent read. In 2017, we expanded the project to include watching and listening. The current featured reader|watcher|listener can be found in the rotating images on the library home page, and past participants are archived on the site. You can join the conversation by logging in and posting a comment.

All members of the Bowdoin community are invited to participate. Have you read a good book, watched a good video, listened to a good podcast or piece of music lately? Consider being part of Bowdoin Reads | Watches | Listens! You may submit your photo and blurb electronically (or we will arrange a time to take your picture) to Marieke Van Der Steenhoven. Generally, we feature one person monthly, rotating among students, faculty, and staff.