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On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done
By: David Badre

The Neuroscience program recently hosted a book club to celebrate Brain Awareness Week and read On Task: How Our Brain Gets Things Done and then the author, Dr. David Badre, visited Bowdoin and met with the book club and gave a talk on campus.  His book describes the fascinating research on cognitive control which allows us to turn goals into actions and is essential for multiple cognitive functions that make us human including planning, decision-making, and self-control.  It answers fundamental questions about our human nature such as why do we act one way in one situation but differently in another situation or why are we bad at multitasking?  Although it contains complex scientific concepts it was a pleasure to read and I learned a lot!

Photograph L to R: Professor of Neuroscience and Biology and Director of Neuroscience Program Manuel Días-Ríos; Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology Erika Nyhus; Stephanie Dailey ‘ 23; Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Jennifer Honeycutt; and Professor of Biology and Neuroscience Hadley Horch. Written and submitted by  Erika Nyhus.

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