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The Life of the Skies
By: Jonathan Rosen

Regardless of whether or not the reader has an interest in birds, The Life of the Skies is a read for all. Part science and part philosophy, this novel is a travelogue and testament to Rosen’s and others’ love for birding. Rosen outlines a history of this activity, musing over our interest in birds and nature. In order to do justice to the subject of birding, he touches on a variety of topics including bird men such as Audubon, hunting, writing, and religion. The Life of the Skies is one of those books that will change how you view the world. The book is, in essence, a series of musings on birding, branching out into a series of thoughts on related subjects. This writing allows for a greater understanding of nature and people’s relationship to it and is eye-opening as well. For anyone with a love of travel, nature, history, science, or just learning new things, this book will accommodate these interests and more.

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  1. Thank you, Shirley! This sounds like something my father, an avid birdwatcher might love. Looks like my Christmas shopping is started…


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