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Tuna: A Love Story
By: Richard Ellis

Sometime this past summer, I read an incredibly engaging piece in The New York Times that detailed the impending dearth of bluefin tuna to overfishing. What excited me most about the article was neither the issue nor the message––both of which were not surprises, even though I am not particularly passionate about aquatic sustainability––but rather the writer’s sheer fervor and veneration for the fish. His enthusiasm transferred to me.

I am currently reading Richard Ellis’ Tuna: A Love Story . Again, the book’s message is unsurprising and perhaps even overly familiar: bluefin tuna is overfished and attempts at farming will eventually lead to the same scarcity. But if you ignore the polemic, Tuna is a rhapsodic blend of history, science, and culture of both the tuna and the industry it inspired (perhaps not so much for the latter) that will be hard to find elsewhere.

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  1. Thanks…. …for the recommendation, Amy. I just began reading the book and am enjoying it a great deal. I’ve read a number of other similar “topics” books (Mark Kulansky on Cod, Salt and Oysters), so am looking forward to reading about one of my favorite delicacies!

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