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After Laughter
By: Paramore

I have been a long time fan of the band Paramore but the group’s newest studio album, After Laughter, is my favorite project by the band. Being a bass player, the first thing that caught my ear were the melodic and interesting bass lines.
Outside of that, what I find extremely interesting about this whole album is the fact that the music and the lyrics contradict one another. For most of the songs, the music is upbeat but, the lyrics are pretty dark and can be saddening. For instance, on the album’s second track, Rose-Colored Boy, lead singer Hayley Williams talks about how she’s tired of an upbeat and positive “boy” and how she just wants to be sad. She is rejecting the positivity and chooses to live in her depression. So, that lyric to music contrast creates a sense of confusion for the listener where, the music makes you feel happy while the lyrics make you kind of sad. The problems presented in the album’s lyrics are also very real and relatable. Hayley Williams sings about hard times, breakups, and toxic relationships amongst other things. Overall, I love the album and I think it is a good listen for anyone who is a fan of emo-pop or alternative rock and roll.

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