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Wuthering Heights
By: Emily Bronte

An oldie but a goodie, Emily Bronte’s 1847 novel Wuthering Heights shows the darker side of Romanticism, incorporating Gothic elements of ghosts, revenge, and greed into a tragically turbulent story. The novel follows the events over the course of roughly two generations of the dichotomous Earnshaw and Linton families in a roller coaster of feuds and affairs. The characters are highly developed in the sense that I was able to relate to some aspects in all of them while still being appalled by their impulsive actions at times. The backdrop of the beautiful Yorkshire Moors in rural England helps Bronte to develop a struggle between the animalistic and the tame sides of her characters, pushing readers to question the motivations of their own actions.

Still applicable today in its exploration of social immobility, gender inequality, and morality, Wuthering Heights is a classic and a good read for anyone looking for a little escapism from the chaos of the modern world.

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